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Coolest Homemade Scooby Gang Halloween Costume Idea

My five year old daughter had her heart set on being Shaggy for Halloween. For fear of her being mistaken for a bearded lady, my husband and I decided to jump on board and create a family Homemade Scooby Gang Halloween Costume. Scooby doo fans include people of all ages so everyone could recognize us.

Because all the characters wear regular everyday clothes, piecing the costumes together was relatively easy. Using a couple episodes and pictures of the Scooby Doo gang as reference, we headed off to several local Goodwill stores. When looking for specific clothing, Goodwill is great because they organize their merchandise by color!

The Velma skirt was originally floor length but, we chopped it and made it a perfect Velma length. For Velma’s socks we used soccer or athletic socks that we purchased at our local dollar store. We also purchased eye glasses for a dollar and then pushed out the lenses making them wearable for anyone.

We purchased wigs at a local store that carried Halloween goodies however, they were originally mullet wigs. A couple of minutes with a good pair of scissors and they were perfect for our Shaggy and Freddy outfits. Instead of trying to find a perfect matching orange ascot for the Freddy outfit, we sewed two clearance orange table napkins together and tied them.

For making the goatee on the Shaggy costume we simply used a Elmer glue stick on my daughter’s chin then cut some hair from the wig and stuck it on. The hair stayed on great and was so easy to wash off later! The Scooby Doo collar for our dog was simply a pair of blue socks safety pinned around the collar. We then drew a picture Scooby Doo’s collar, colored it with pencils and laminated it. We then attached it to the socks by using more safety pins.

One last tip.. some times Halloween can be chilly, in order to allow your costume to be seen, allow some room under your costume for extra clothes and layers.

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