Coolest DIY Papa Smurf and Smurffette Halloween Couple Costume Ideas

I had a lot of fun with these DIY Papa Smurf and Smurffette Halloween couple costume ideas! I couldn’t find a white summer dress in October, so I had to make it. I used white felt (that I had on hand), and sewed it up myself. I made the hats out of felt as well, and stuffed them with a little pillow stuffing. I attached a sunflower on Smurffette’s hat with bobbie pins.

I bought red scrub pants for Papa Smurf and attached felt strips to make suspenders. I made little red booties to put over his slippers too, which you cant see in the picture. I dyed white tights with blue food coloring and wore white heels. The blue paint actually went on ok, I did have to apply 2 coats though. I suggest wearing bright eye shadow or paint it on (pink) so you don’t get lost in all the blue.

We won first place at a costume contest! It was a lot of fun!!!