Coolest DIY Alice in Wonderland Couple Halloween Costume

Tim Burton inspired Queen of Hearts and Mad Hatter… a DIY Alice in Wonderland couple Halloween costume..

Mad Hatter Halloween costume:

We went to the thrift store and found a suit jacket and shoes. We spray painted it several colors and spray painted the shoes gold and attached old large earrings which were also spray-painted. I sewed 2 dragonfly buttons on the lapel.

The hat base is a 24 pack of Coors Light resized to fit head. Very top of hat is a pizza box cut in a circle, then all covered with cloth. The rim was hardest to make-attached cloth and sewed wire along outer edge. Then spray painted entire hat with black. Hat pins are wooden skewers with necklace charms hot glued to top.

The pants are lady Capri pants I found on sale at Wal-mart. Masking tape made the lines then spray painted with gold. The bow is 2 bandannas cut in half and all 4 pieces sewed together $2 total. Attached thread spools with yarn, covered edges with black fabric and used decorative cord hang around his back and hook spools.

The eyebrows are clips of hair from wig attached with eyelash glue – put a bit of spray adhesive on red eyebrows before attaching to face.

Queen of Hearts Halloween costume:

I used a bustier for the base of dress covered the front with fabric that I used for the skirt. The large hearts are outlined with black puff paint.

The shoes are thrift store shoes that I used one year for a witch costume. Attached wire ribbon and rolled it up.

I used wire to puff the sleeves. And made the crown from thick wire ribbon attached to gold cloth with iron on adhesive backing and hot glued cheap heart gems.

The Septor is a Candy cane. We sawed off the hook. Then attached a plastic ornament – had to hallow out the tip of ornament so the base can be inserted and glued in.

Of course we bought the wigs.

DIY Alice in Wonderland Couple Halloween Costume