Coolest Dalek Homemade Costume

I came up with this idea because I love doctor who and I thought a Dalek would look awesome on halloween.

For this costume I used a lot of ply wood for the interior and card board for the exterior.

First I used a scooter for the base and built around it with wood. Then I covered it with capa board, for the next level I built two wooden boxes and in one of them I place a plunger; and in the other I used a metal pipe with coat hanger as the gun.

Next I covered around it with a thick layer of card board. For the third layer I cut 3 rings out of ply wood and place 8 wooden rods in between them, I used black card board then placed it in side the rings.

For the final level I made paper mache around a ball and cut it in half. Finally I put it all together, spray painted it bronze and used gold styrofoam balls for the bottom layer and gold wood for the second layer decoration. For the eye I took a flashlight and put it inside an old lightsaber and stuck it in the head.

When I began riding in the Dalek down my street I couldn’t even get past one block without people stopping me for pictures everyone was amazed by the costume and they all new what it was. Everyone from my school complemented it.

The Dalek also made noise like exterminate, all humans will be exterminated and other Dalek quotes and it took me 2 months to finish building this Dalek.

Coolest Dalek Costume

Coolest Dalek Costume

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