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Cute DIY Cupcake Costume

Recently I started having a cupcake obsession. I make up excuses to bake them. So I figured this year, a cupcake costume was the only choice for a Halloween costume.

If I had sat down in one sitting and made this costume it probably would have taken about 3-4 hours. But since I could only work on it after my kids went to bed, it took me about a week. I got almost all my supplies at WalMart.

I started with a plastic bucket (the kind with the rope handles – $7) and cut the bottom out of it with a dremel and removed the rope handles. Then I used 3 white poster boards ($0.83 each) and folded them accordion style and hot glued them to the bucket. I used thick ribbon ($2) threaded through the holes where the rope handles had been to act as suspenders to hold the base onto my body. I then spray painted the entire base silver ($5).

With the base complete I moved onto the frosting. I bought several yards of pink crushed velvet material ($14, but I bought way too much, probably only needed 3-4 yards and I bought 6), a big bag of polyfill, and some white thread ($1). I then measured the top of the bucket and cut the fabric to a length slightly longer than the top of the bucket. Folded it in half, sewed up three sides and stuffed it with polyfill, then sewed up the remaining side. I drew the ends together and sewed them into a circle. The next layer was the same process, just a slightly shorter piece of fabric. The top layer (to make room for my arms) was two more of these tube pillows, one in front and one in back.

I stacked the three layers of frosting on top of each other and tacked them together. I did not attach the frosting pieces to the base of the cupcake. I just let them sit on top. This made for a much easier way of getting in and out of the costume. Take the entire pillow frosting part over my head and then drop the suspenders.

The sprinkles were made from neon plastic drinking straws ($1) glued to the frosting. And the cherry on top is a plastic ball (I work at a kids’ play place with a ball pit, so that’s where I got that) glued to a headband ($3) with a small piece of red wire poked through the plastic of the ball (wire was just in the garage not being used).

I work at a children’s play place and wore this to our annual Halloween party and the parents were coming around asking if their kids could take pictures with me! It was a BIG hit!

Total cost $35.49 and I will be able to wear it for years to come!

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