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Cool Handmade Cupcake Costume

I love cupcakes and thought, what better thing to be for Halloween than a cupcake? Since you are what you eat….

I made the cupcake “tin” using 3 pink cardboard school poster boards. I used duct tape to tape all three of them together (taped the short side to the short side of the next paper). Then I folded the poster like a fan to give the appearance of a real cupcake tin. Then I duct taped the ends together. To give it the cupcake shape, I took a metal coat hanger and folded it into a circle for the top of the cupcake. I used this to support the cupcake shape. I duct taped and tied the wire onto the top portion of the cupcake.

For the bottom portion of the cupcake tin since it has to be a little smaller than the top portion), I just stapled every other “fan”. I used yarn as strings to hold the cupcake up (over my shoulders). I tied these strings to the coat hanger wire on the top part of the cupcake. I bought batting from the fabric store to use as the “frosting” and I bought fuzzy balls from the fabric store to use as “sprinkles”. I used fabric glue to glue the balls.

For the batting I just let it sit on the cupcake but you can also glue it. For the cherry on top, I bought a Styrofoam ball and painted it red. I went outside to get a leaf and stuck the leaf int the styrofoam. I used wire to attach the cherry onto a black headband.

Hope you like my Cupcake Costume.

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  1. Omg! I’m in love, I lovee cupcakes too, and I was thinking about making me a cupacke costume but, Isn’t it uncomfortable when it’s time to sit?


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