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Coolest Cupcake DIY Costume

I made this cupcake costume after getting some ideas from this website. The best ones so far were for babies so I had to guestimate most measurements… I’m sorry I don’t remember the measurements of what I bought but it will all depend on your basket size and body shape. My best advice is try each piece out as you go don’t wait til the end to try it on and then find out you can’t sit or walk in it.

The bottom is made from a round laundry basket that I cut the bottom out of (enough to make sure I could walk) and wrapped shiny fabric around and hot glued it along the way so it looked pleated. Then I got felt fabric and created a tube by gluing the edges together  (make sure the tube is long enough/ big enough to sit on top of the cupcake bottom-widest part of the basket and spill over a bit.) Don’t turn it inside out keep the edge on the outside. Stuff the tube of felt with loose cotton then sew the ends together. I sewed it by hand like you would sew shut a pillow and reinforced the stitches with a little bit of hot glue. I used a lot of hot glue to attach the felt stuffed tube to the widest part of the wrapped laundry basket bottom. Use the outside edge (where the tube edges came together) of the tube to rest on top of the basket. I cut circles out of self adhesive sheets of foam (but ended up having to hot glue them because they would pop off).

My hat is left over felt fabric that was stuffed a little with cotton and formed to look like dripped frosting and then sewn/ glued to a head band. The cherry is a Styrofoam ball that I carved and painted to look cherry shaped, the stem is a painted stick. The whole thing is held up by ribbon glued and sewn to the basket part of the costume. I found the shiny leggings at a random store that had a lot of different colors and already had a pink tank top.

I was still able to sit down in the costume and was able to slip it off (without help) to use the bathroom as long as I was in the big stall. haha

Enjoy and have fun!!!

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