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Coolest DIY Cupcake Costume

I am a Cupcake Fanatic and I am constantly picking up anything that has cupcakes on it. So it was only natural for me to be a Cupcake costume for Halloween! I even had sprinkles!

I used a plastic tub container, which I cut out the bottom. Wrapped some poster board, which I pleated and painted around that. Glued poly fill on top for icing and pom poms for sprinkles! I tied wide ribbon to my cupcake to make straps. I even whipped up a cupcake for my headpiece with a strawberry on top!

I added several pins with catchy phrases like “Cupcake Whisperer” and “Muffins are just ugly cupcakes”. On the backside was a sign that said “Powered By Cupcakes!” And the best was my fake laminated sparkly cupcake purse!

I really had fun in this costume; it made all of my patients smile and also my co-workers!

Everyone loves Cupcakes!

Cupcake Costume

Cupcake Costume

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  1. I’ve been obsessed with cupcakes for about three years now too. Now Claire’s stores have a new little cupcake theme kinda ruining it ):

    But anyways, this is soo cute.. I’ve always wanted to be a cupcake for Halloween but i could never find the right stuff.. this is awesome (:

  2. awesome costume. I love it. I was a flower last year and used the same bottom. Was thinking of being a cupcake this year with my boyfriend

  3. I love this!!! I gotta make this for a bake sale that the doctor’s office that I work for has to raise money for the Relay for Life fundraiser. I am the type of person who likes to make people laugh and have a good time when they see a person in costume. I already dress up in a hotdog costume that I bought, but this one would be homemade…..Love the idea….

  4. I made the bottom of the cupcake out of a large plastic tub with handles that I found. I cut the bottom out and then was able to tie my shoulder straps to the handles. I made the paper part out of posterboard which I pleated and painted. Thank you for all the nice comments. I still have the costume and I am considering selling it but I haven’t decided just yet

  5. I love it, absolutely adorable but how expensive? My 3 friends and I all wanna be this so we have a budget. Stunning. So creative and better than all the other cupcake costumes I’ve seen.

  6. Oh my gosh I’m not alone. I love cupcakes and seriously that is the cutest costume I have ever seen!!! Thanks for the idea I hope I look as cute as you in mine.

  7. I love your costume and decided to try it myself. I’m having problems with making the poster board cupcake liner narrower at the bottom so it doesn’t look like a square. Did you have more than one seam? Did you cut it? Any ideas? Thanks for your help!!

  8. I used a plastic basket with handles. It wasn’t a laundry basket..some type of utility tote with handles. The shape of the tote was larger at the top than the bottom. So when I wrapped the posterboard around the basket/tote. It just naturally followed the shape of the basket. And yes I used more than one piece and just cut it where needed. I hope this helps. Good Luck, Jen

  9. I would like to use your idea for a cupcake costume to dress up for my granddaughter’s first birthday party.
    Can you tell me what kind of tub you are referring to and where you got it? If you can provide the dimensions that would be fantastic.

  10. that is a really cute costume. I wanted to make it, but I think it’s too hard. I know! people may think it’s easy, but for me it’s hard!

  11. I think I bought the tub at a Freds drugstore. It was big enough to fit around me. For a little girl you could just use a small laundry basket.

  12. Omg that is such an amazing costume! when my friends asked me what i am going to be for Halloween i immediately said a cupcake! I thought i was going to be impossible to make it! thanks soo sooo much! :)

  13. I want to make a cupcake for a 5K race I’m running in on Halloween. It would be hilarious. The “powered by cupcakes” is too funny.

  14. I am considering making this for Halloween this year, however, I’m my initial thought for the pleated bottom is a giant lampshade. It’s for a child, so if I succeed, I’ll repost.
    Great costume!

  15. HI i love that costume! im gonna try to do that for Halloween this year.
    I live in Sevierville. Are u a doctor?
    if so, which hospital do u work in?

  16. While at the thrift store this week I found a very large pleated lamp shade for a dollar. It had a wire rim at the top and bottom to hold its shape and a plastic liner. We tore off the liner and the smaller ring, but left the larger to be the top of the cupcake liner. We are spray painting it blue.

  17. I work at a Nursing Home and most of my residents are in wheelchairs so I cut hot pink posterboard in half for the liner. I haven’t finished them yet but I’m almost there. I only have 3 men on my household so they are going to be my Bakers. I purchased Baker hats for them along with aprons for them to wear. I am using coffee pot liners with tissue paper as a cherry on top their heads. This should be alot of fun and I’m anxious to see if we win this year. Thanks for the idea!!

  18. I’m making a costume just like yours, and I’ve gotten to the step where I need to figure out how to put the poly fill into the container and get it to stay…any suggestions? Please help!!! Thanks!!!

  19. I LOVE this costume! Can you please tell me what you glued the poly-fill to? I’m a very visual person and can’t picture in my mind how to put it together. Help me please! I’m running out of time. Thanks so much!!!

  20. I love this costume and my daughter wants to make one but I cannot figure out how you did the icing part of the cupcake. How it the stuff attached to you?

  21. I’m making the same costume and its coming along nicely. I found a purple tub in the home storage section at Target so I don’t have to make the outside liner. My husband used a jigsaw to cut a nice hole on the bottom. I started applying the poly fill last night. And for those of you who are asking how to attach it, I am using a spray adhesive glue to attach it around the tub. I also saw on other costumes that some have attached some of the poly fill to a plain white shirt, some thing I might try if I need to.

    Tonight, its glue on the “sprinkles”. So far so good. Thanks for the idea! : )

  22. This is such a cute costume! I just finished making mine yesterday!! I am 5 months pregnant so it was the perfect kind of costume for a growing belly. I used a glue gun to attach the stuffing at the top and for the sprinkles. Worked really well! Not sure how you attached the cardboard around the basket, but I just stapled it in certain spots. Thanks for the idea!!

  23. Sorry I haven’t responded earlier, I just got all these messages. Thank you to everyone for all the nice compliments:) I made the liner part out of a rubberish utility tub with handles, I just cut the bottom out with a box cutter. Then I pleated posterboard and painted it pink, I used hot glue and clear packaging tape to attatch it to the tub. I used thick ribbon to tye to the handles to make shoulder straps to “wear” the cupcake. I used hot clue and just draped the white batting around randomly to make it look like frosting. It is glued to the tub and to itself. then I just glued the pom pom balls to the batting. You could make different sprinkles from whatever you wanted though. I may make another cupcake costume next year and I will post it if I do:) Oh and as for a COUPLE Idea I think the cupcake and bakers is great..but for just your husband I was thinking he could be a “STUD MUFFIN”:) Good luck!!!

  24. Could you tell me where you found the sparkly cupcake purse? I’ve been searching for one a while because the one from Judith leiber is far out of my reach but I love it so much.

  25. Hi from Ecuador:

    Very nice and creative, thanks for your sweet idea. I´m gonna use it for my 10 year old girl.



  26. Hi,
    I want to make this for my daughter. How hard/easy is this to get on/off? Like if she has to go to the bathroom.
    Also, is the polyfill(frosting) all around the costume front/back or just front? I don’t understand what you meet by sheet polyfill..isn’t it like pillow stuffing so it’s puffy..not a sheet?

  27. I think the CUPCAKE COSTUME IS AWESOME! I am just as obsessed with Cup-C@kes as you so thank you for the good idea! :)

  28. I made this costume today and it only took me 1.5 hrs. I used a tub and a sheet of poly fiber. I didn’t glue the frosting on. Since it was a sheet i was able to just wrap it around me and it stayed. Thank you so much for the inspiration!!! And my Bf is totally going to be a baker!

  29. So my mom is making this cupcake costume and needs to know how u put the frosting on… glue?? What did u do?? Love this costume! Could you please let us know by the 30th of October?? thanks

  30. Didn’t think I’d dress up this year since I usually know what I’m going to do by the end of summer. Then I came across your photo and thorough step-by-step instructions. I like that I didn’t have to sew anything. It was a hit at the college where I teach. Your costume is a classic since I see the last comment was dated 2011. Thanks for sharing.

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