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Coolest Cousin It from the Addams Family Costume

My daughter thought of the idea at the beginning of the year. Could not find a costume so we had to make one. We bought two 5 foot long wigs and one 3 foot long wig. I fitted it to her head and sewed the wigs together. Then you add a black derby hat and glasses. For added effect she wore all black under neath and i glued some of the hair to black gloves. The gloves were for when she went to grab candy her hands were hairy also.

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  1. I purchased the wigs from eBay, and the 3 foot wig was a Hanna Montana wig. place on my daughters head and sewed each wig together. If I remember right it cost me approx $60 to make.

  2. You can move the hair slightly and then put the glasses on. My daughter was still young so I held he hand when walking around

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