Coolest Cosmopolitan Costume

I love Halloween so I decided while watching Sex and the City one night what I would be… a COSMO. Perfect.

I Have a back strapless dress as my base. I went to a fabric store and got a role of upholstery foam, 2 yards of pink cosmo fabric, 2 yards of silver fabric, spray adhesive, 4 yards of sequin ribbon,one peice of 8X10 yellow foam,one pack of pipe cleaners, and one pack of battery operated small xmas lights. I spent a total of $40.

I made a cardboard cut out of the martini, making sure the sides went a little past my shoulders on the side so I could attach the front and back of the costume. I also made sure the top of the “glass” was level with my dress. I had to make the martini in a few pieces, the stem, the bottom and the well part of the glass.

When I had the foam cut out I assembled them with simple stitches so I could have the full shape of the glass. Around the edge of the martini glass I poked holes in the foam and strung the lights along the edge. I then wrapped the foam in the fabric. I attached the fabric with the spray adhesive, and when the basic layout of the martini was done I dressed it with the sequins to hide all the seams and things.

I then attached the front and back of the martini just at the shoulders with a simple quick stitch. I safety pinned the top of the glass both front and back to my dress and made sure the battery pack to the lights was safety pinned to my dress, so I could turn the lights on and off as I pleased! It was a fun added effect!

The yellow rind was 12 pipe cleaners(two sets of 6) shaped and glued together with hot glue then wrapped in the thin yellow foam.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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