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Coolest Bloody Mary and Chaser Couple Costume

One beautiful Saturday morning a week before Halloween I was sitting outside enjoying rare and intense October sunshine having brunch with out of town visitors. I was contemplating and mind wrestling with the question of the year, “What should I be for Halloween?” I just returned from teaching abroad for two years and dressed up for Halloween but the ambiance and crazy nature of Halloween just wasn’t the same in another country. So I had an intense desire to make this year’s costume EPIC. I just needed an idea.

Waiting for my breakfast sipping on my Bloody Mary I thought about characters, movies and common objects. I said to my brother, “Hey I could be a Bloody Mary, and Dan could be my chaser!” While walking home I stopped in a few second hand shops I found a few red sparkly things but nothing that really stood out to pull the idea together. I spent the next few days visiting shops to find materials and one thing led to another.

I found a large red tablecloth for three dollars and a long piece of yellow felt for one dollar. I attached these to child-sized hula-hoops with safety pins. The red tablecloth looked shaggy hanging from the hula-hoop so I twisted two metal wire coat hangers together for the bottom to achieve a cylindrical glass shape. I used clothespins to hold the fabric over the hoop and hanger wire while I pinned the fabric together.

When I had the fabric fastened on the top to the hula-hoop I slit the fabric near the rim of the hoop and attached elastic bands (one yard long) stretching from front to back of the hoop. I put Velcro on the elastic bands to hold them together and crisis crossed the bands in the back so they would rest well on my shoulders.

After I had the elastic attached I was able to hang my costume on a floor lamp to go “inside my drink” to straighten up the pins and shape the fabric. I used craft pillow stuffing and fabric glue to attach the beer foam to the top of the beer glass. We used glitter spray paint to give the beer glass finishing touches. Once the Bloody Mary glass and the beer glass were finished I started making the Bloody Mary garnishes.

I used a regular balloon as my base to paper Mache an olive. I couldn’t find the right balloon for a pickle so I used a condom. The condom was not very cooperative in taking the shape I wanted so I had to use some saran wrap to wrap the middle of the condom to distribute the air in order to form the shape of a pickle. I punctured holes in the pickle and olive using a small screwdriver and used a skinny wood dowel rod to put through as my mixer stick. I sewed a loop for the dowel rod to go through on my shirt shoulder strap to hold the garnishes in place.

The straw was made from plastic piping material from a hardware store. I bent the plastic and used white duct tape, ripping it down the middle to help hold the bend in the straw. I used the same pipe material to make my celery stick. The green paint would not stay on the plastic pipe and kept chipping off so I used green masking tape to wrap the pipe. I stapled celery leaves that I cut from craft foam.

The lemon wedge is felt cut in a circle shape, stuffed with fabric and ironed together with hem iron tape.

I like my Bloody Mary’s to be spicy and bold. Chasers are for the week. This chaser named Dan just wouldn’t let me be. I tried to stand strong on my own but no one could handle just me and choose to have the chaser too despite my plea. All through the party and all around town the people I met slammed me and my chaser down.

Hope you like our Homemade Bloody Mary and Chaser Couple Costume.

Homemade Bloody Mary and Chaser Couple Costume

Homemade Bloody Mary and Chaser Couple Costume

Homemade Bloody Mary and Chaser Couple Costume

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