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Coolest Sno Kone Costume

To make my Homemade Sno Kone Costume:

Supplies needed:

3 yards of white fabric
1 standard hula hoop
1 foam poster board
1 bag of 10oz fiberfill stuffing
1 can of spray adhesive
1 can of spray paint (I used red)
2 bottles of fabric paint (1 red, 1 blue)
needle and thread
optional: a wig to match

I started by folding the material in half and cutting it into a triangular shape. Then I sewed the open sides together, leaving opening as arm holes. Also do not sew the bottom 12″ portion. (Your legs will go through this section when complete).

Next I hand painted the “Sno-Kone” emblem and snow flakes on the material in various positions (if you are not confident with your artistic abilities, a stencil could also be made and used for this step). While waiting for the fabric to dry I placed the hula hoop over the foam board and outlined it. Then I cut the foam board in the shape of the outline. Also a hole needs to be cut out of the middle of the board (slightly closer to one of the sides) so that your head will fit through it. I cut mine a little larger so that my head with a wig on it would fit through.

Next I placed the fiberfill onto the foam board (which had been sprayed with adhesive) around the hole (lower on the smallest side so my face would not be obstructed). Once I had the fiberfill just how I liked it I spray it with spray adhesive until I felt confident that it would remain on the foam board.

Next I sprayed the spray paint onto the fiberfill/glue. While the paint was still tacky I liberally sprinkled the glitter (I used mother of pearl shimmering color) to the fiberfill/glue/paint. This would make the iced treat part of the costume.

While that dried I sewed the top of the material around the hula hoop. When everything was dry (I waited overnight), I put the foam board up through the conic material, so that the board sat under the hula hoop but inside of the material, and the fiberfill came through the top of the hula hoop.

Now, you can use a hot glue gun to attach the foam board to the underside of the hula hoop. And Voila.. You have the “Coolest Sno-Kone Costume” Ever! Just climb through the bottom, head through the hole.. and Enjoy!

Homemade Sno Kone Costume

Homemade Sno Kone Costume

Homemade Sno Kone Costume

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6 thoughts on “Coolest Sno Kone Costume”

  1. I read your instructions and it sounds easy, but it looks awesome. You are very talented! And you looked like you were having a great time wearing it!

  2. I followed your instructions exactly. However, just leaving the bottom of the triangle open for the legs, didn’t allow the hula hoop and foam board to go inside. I recommend insert hula hoop, then glueing the foam board to it and THEN SEW up the sides, leaving an arm hole


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