Coolest Claw Machine Costume

I saw a claw machine as I entered Big Lots one day… then decided then that it would be my costume. It was made out of 2 cardboard packing boxes from Lowes. I painted them red and cut out the window area and duct taped clear vinyl to the inside. I zip tied small PVC pipe inside to make it sturdy and to use as handle inside so that I could lift it and be able to walk around. I glued a third small box on the front for the coin and toggle part.

I found stuffed animals and a game that had the toggle on it a the thrift store for next to nothing. I glued the toggle onto the top of the small box. Everything else on the box are pictures I printed on the computer and glued on the box. I bent thin wire to make my claw and hung that from the top, put a telephone cord hanging off of that to make it appear as the claw looks in an actual machine.

I put aluminum foil on the back of the box to look like mirror. I made my bozo outfit, again, from items found at the thrift store. The wig I ordered online from a costume store. I put on my makeup and wig. Cut a piece from the top of the box, made slits through the middle and adjusted around my waist,( this is what holds the animals so they don’t fall through the box) got inside the box and had my husband hand me the stuffed animals. I fixed them around me and my costume was set.

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  1. It was a lot easier than it looks to get around. The whole inside was framed with small PVC pipe. I would just hold around the pipe on either side and lift when I wanted to walk.

  2. did you make a joystick or did you buy one and just put it on? if you made it, how? I’m gonna be a claw machine but I need a joystick. plz help.

  3. I know it’s been a while Since you have posted this picture But I’m hoping I can still get an answer to a question. What did you use for the coin slot in this thing to put the dollar bills? It looks so real I wasn’t sure what to use! This is an awesome costume!

  4. The slot is actually just a picture I took of the dollar feed and then glued to a small piece of cardboard to make it raised.
    Thanks for the complements.

  5. WOWwee!
    As a Bozo collector, author of The Bozo Chronicles and as a Bozo actor 2002-2005 THIS IS FANTASTIC!
    I’d LOV to add images of you in this amazing costume to my research/collector files. Will give you full credit.

    PLEASE contact me, Tom Holbrook, author of “The Bozo Chronicles” at;
    I’d like to learn more.

    Thank you for posting this image, congrats on a GREAT job. I am lloking forward to your friendly reply.
    All the best,
    Tom Holbrook

  6. my uncle aunt and cousin lives in elizabeth city nc and they can send it to me by mail if you make me one i could ask my mom to pay for all the parts needed ,but i dont need stuffed animals.PLEASE!?


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