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Coolest Claw Machine Homemade Costume for a Boy

We made this Homemade Claw Machine Costume out of a cardboard box! Felt covers inside and out! I used double sided sticky gel to secure the felt to the cardboard! Purple battery operated flashing led lights on the outside and white in the inside! The background and the claw is wrapped in tin foil! The claw is made out of clothes hangers! I got the buttons from an old PC game controller at Goodwill and took the buttons out of it! We even made the cardboard box that has the controllers in it and it even has a Dollar bill acceptor!

He won all the toys in claw machines! We make claw machine videos on youtube! He is good! The door opens up and closes with a magnet on the bottom! Suspenders hold the machine up! We spent over 30 hours making it! And spent around $50! Enjoy!

Homemade Claw Machine Costume

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