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Coolest Chippendale Dancer Costume

This is my son Cash (2 months old) & his first Halloween. I just came up with the idea by myself. I started with a pair of black dress pants, a bow tie, a pair of with socks, black ribbon & 2 $1 bills.

I cut the bottoms of the socks off and then glued the black ribbon around socks to make the wristbands.

I then stuck 2 $1 bills in his pants.

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14 thoughts on “Coolest Chippendale Dancer Costume”

  1. I think this breaks a few laws. (child labor laws for one) LOL, too cute. I just hope you live in Florida or some place where the weather is warm during October.

  2. by far this is the greatest! most unique! and cutest! of all that I’ve seen… i keep looking at him just laughin because he doesnt have a clue of what a sexy chip is when he gets older he’ll look @ this pic & prob thank u for it! LOL this was very creative of u to even think of! KUDOS!

  3. Super Cute Costume If you live in cooler weather you can dye a onesie or a baby sweatshirt a nude color and then paint on a six pack and some Pect muscle’s and your good


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