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Cutest Last-Minute Chippendale Costume for a Baby

I was trying to think of a simple, cute costume for my one year old.  when I  was searching online, I saw an advertisement for Chip N Dale dancers. The thought just popped into my head….make a baby Chip N Dale costume, just for fun, of course.

I entered him in a local Halloween Contest and he WON first place for the baby division! I was a little nervous at first, wondering what people might think. When we walked through the room with judges, they laughed and carried on about how cute he was. I had a lot of parents tell me he looked really cute too!

It was very simple to make and I used items from home. I used one of my daughters baby headband with a bow around it for the bow tie. I was very cautious and watched him close when he had it on. It was stretchy, but I didn’t want him to accidentally pull it too tight. I only had it on when i was holding him(and for the picture). Just be very cautious if you use anything like that around their neck. Only put it on when you have full view of your child. Next, for the cuffs, I cut off the tops of socks and put a strip of black tape around it. It was snug, but not too tight where it could cut off circulation. For the pants, I used a pair of black dress pants he had. Last, I added the dollar just for extra cuteness!

Good luck if you decide to use this idea. It’s very simple but cute! I am sure you will get lots of attention!

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