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Coolest Chris Farley Chippendale Costume

We put this outfit together when we were invited to a “Saturday Night Live” themed costume party. Without the pillow, it also works as Patrick Swayze’s character, but the Chris Farley character is just much more hilarious! It even comes with its own theme song: “Everybody’s workin’ for the weekend!”

What you need:

Tuxedo cuffs and collar (which you can pick up at any “romance” shop)

White t-shirt

Black pants

Black dress shoes or black slipper shoes

Pillow (if you need the extra padding!)

Black permanent marker

How To Put It Together:

Cut off the sleeves of the t-shirt at the shoulder seam. Draw one vertical line down each side of the collar of the t-shirt, about 6 inches away from each other. Draw “buttons” (big 1/2-inch dots) down the middle of the t-shirt. Put the pillow under the front of the shirt, then tuck the t-shirt into the pants. Practice your “sexy” dance moves!

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