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Coolest Homemade Chippendale Dancer Costume

My son was 9 months old on Halloween this year and we needed to find a costume for him to wear to an indoor Halloween party. I wanted something that would be both adorable and funny enough to make people laugh.

I created this Chippendale Dancer costume by cutting and re-purposing a white table napkin that had been stained. I measured my son’s arms and cut the napkin to the right size. I sewed velcro onto the napkin pieces to fasten them as arm cuffs and then sewed a thin black piece of ribbon on to each one. I finished the look off with a few things that we already had laying around the house: a pair of black pants my son received as a gift and an old bow-tie that I still had from my high school prom.

The costume made everyone laugh. They all thought he looked adorable. Best of all – the costume did not cost us one cent to make and it only took me an hour to sew the arm cuffs.

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