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Coolest Children’s Pink Sprinkle Cupcake Costume

This children’s sprinkle cupcake costume is a 2 piece outfit. The top of the cupcake (sweatshirt) and the foiled bottom of the cupcake. I made 2 of them one pink and the other will be a purple one.

My husband and I will be dressed as bakers w/ aprons, oven mitts, chef hats, whisk, and wooden spoon, for a Group costume option.

Cupcakes were made in 2 pieces because of having to sit at school, go to the bathroom etc. The sweatshirt waistband holds up the rim of the foil cake bottom.

Ingredients: Dollar store round small 12″ laundry basket (2) $2.00 total.
Menards Christmas dept. snow blanket decor 6ft. (batting at sewing store would work) $4.00
Kmart solid sweatshirt $4
Sparkle fabric paint $2.50
Box of neon drinking straws $.89
Felt $.50
Pipe cleaner $
Roll of silver duct tape
Cardboard (I recycled cereal boxes
Glue sticks & glue gun

Making your child’s first Halloween costume~PRICELESS!

I also purchased a pair of sparkle silver leggings from The Children’s Store for $8.00 to
complete the look. While in school they will be able to remove the foil cupcake bottom and just wear the leggings.

How I made it: I first cut the bottoms out of both baskets. Used the tape and finished the cut edge for comfort. Take one basket and push it up inside the sweatshirt so the cutout bottom is facing up or now the top of the basket. Mine fit snugly so no hot glue was needed to keep in place. This forms the shell of the top of the cupcake.

The bottom of the cupcake is made by accordion folded cereal boxes. You could also use poster board. I duct taped the accordion folds each lengthwise to mimic a foil cupcake liner. Then once my accordion folds were covered I taped them to the basket towards the top. It took I think 2 cereal boxes to cover. Once the entire basket was covered I then inserted it up into the sweatshirt so the rim would be held up by the waistband of the sweatshirt. The two baskets rest on top of one another.

To decorate the cupcake I started at the lower side seam of the sweatshirt and hot glued snow batting that was cut into strips about 6″ by 4′. I wrapped the batting around while scrunching the material as I glued to create the icing effect.

Continue to ice the cake until you get to around the armpit area. Allow to dry. Once dried use your fabric paint to color your icing. I used a sparkle fabric paint to give it a little shine and pop. Once that is complete you are ready to add your sprinkles. I cut neon drinking straws about 2-3″ in length and applied w/ glue gun, overlapping some here and there.

Top it off with a cherry. I used a piece of red felt and a brown pipe cleaner. I was going to use a Styrofoam ball cut in half and painted and hot glued but my kids are young and I think they would have been too tempted to pull that off. I also added a cherry topper to the back of the costume for those viewing from behind.

It’s very simple to make. My kids seem to be able to walk freely in it. The leggings offer warmth and flexibility to remove the foil liner for sitting or bathroom etc. Approximate time to make one evening.

Have fun and Happy Costume making!

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  1. I think this is the best homemade costume I’ve seen in awhile. What a creative mom you are. I am trying to figure out how this could work for me (an adult)… I’ll figure it out hopefully by this Saturday or Halloween!!!! I have two different parties to attend so if not Saturday I have some time. So did you use 2 laundry baskets for each cupcake or just one per cupcake?

    Thank you for posting.

    Have a great year.


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