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Coolest Child KISS Costume

This is my 9yr.old son Justin. He has been a BIG KISS fan since he was three. I started dressing him up on Halloween as Paul. We had so much fun with it, I decided to have a Paul Love Gun costume made. It was awesome and everybody loved him (Halloween, Kiss expos, and the Kiss show we attended). Well since then he out grew it. That’s what prompted me to make this Child KISS Costume.

I had help so I cant take all the credit. Between a friend of mine and I we made a heck of a costume. It turned out great. He turns heads everywhere we go. This costume is adjustable to a point, so he has a couple good years to wear it. This costume was made as close to Genes as it could be without costing a fortune. Materials for this costume consist of (leather look) vinyl for the wings, choker, scales and  the belt/cod piece, 1in metal studs, and a pair of chopper boots and of course plastic for the armor and demon shells

That’s where  my friend comes in. He mounted shells on the boots and  got me started on the armor. I airbrushed everything where needed to give it the metal look. I’m very pleased with how everything came together. I’m thinking this costume took four weekends to complete. And I had a ball making it. Hope you like it.

This is my 9yr.old son Justin.....He has been a BIG KISS fan since he was three ....I started dressing him up on Halloween as Paul.....we had so much

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