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Coolest Carmen Miranda Costume

For the Skirt: Hit the thrift stores to find a hip hugging flowering skirt that flares out at the bottom. Cut a slit up by the leg you want to show of and sew or glue some ruffles in so it adds some body and flow to the skirt. You could also use one of those long kinda “hippy” skirts that flow, anything that looks tropical and like you’re ready to do the cha-cha.

For the top: You can use a halter top, or I made mine out of a sequin type material and wore a strapless bra. If you have a rectangular piece of material add elastic to the top and sew over so the elastic is hidden. I was going for a tube top look.

For the fruit: (this one is time consuming) You need an old solid colored ball cap (cut bill off) and some chicken wire, some fake fruits (or real ones if you don’t mind the weight), and a clear elastic band, kinda like those found on some bras. This see through plastic band will be your chin strap. Step one: staple chicken wire to back of cap to make a “half bowl” shape. Go as high as you want. This is your canvas, now add silky black material or any material to cover it up. You will glue fruit in. Styrofoam fruit is best. You can use wire too if you hide it well, just make sure it is secure. Cover the cap by painting it with glitter or hot glue more fabric on it instead if you wish. Add chin strap for extra support, especially if you go really high with the chicken wire.

Add accessories, big beaded necklaces, large bangle bracelets, etc. Lots of gawdy stuff is the key, even BIG make up. Big earrings too!

All I have to say is that the gay men will love this Carmen Miranda Costume. I got a standing ovation going by a gay bar in Austin Texas. Soo much fun!

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