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Coolest Homemade Carmen Miranda Halloween Costume

This Homemade Carmen Miranda Halloween Costume was fun to make. Most people today, I imagine, do not even know who Carmen Miranda was!

First, I went shopping for all kinds of fruit and bright material. I took an old lime green top and sewed layers of bright material onto a piece of material and then attached it to the top for the sleeves. Next, I took 10 yards of the Hawaiian print material and sewed a string inside so it could be gathered and then attached to the skirt of pink and orange panels.

I had an old woven basket that I turned upside down so it would stay on my head; I attached a Styrofoam cone to the bottom (top) and started hot-gluing fruit all over. I wrapped my head with more of the print material and set the hat on top.

I made a necklace with a small bunch of grapes, and earrings with small bananas. I even glued fruit to my shoes.

It was a fun costume to make and wear.

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  1. I am looking for Halloween 2014 ideas.
    I thought Carmen Miranda because she is not thought of alot and it would be so creative. Your costume is AWESOME!!!


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