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Coolest Carmen Miranda Costume Idea

I’ve always loved the 1940’s and what a better costume idea to have and enjoy the look of the 40’s than a Carmen Miranda costume! I knew I’d have to make my own costume as no store bought one would do her justice. I’d never sewed before so I borrowed a friend’s sewing machine and went to town!

After watching many seasons of project runway I think it really helped. I actually “deconstructed” a skirt make of a very tropical print and used it as ruffles and puffy arm bands. I had some material lying around in our basement, the blue, and quickly formed it into a skirt.

The headpiece of course is really the best part. I don’t know what took over me, but it ended up being a feet of amazing engineering as at our party all night it never never fell off! It all stayed in one piece and I even boogied late into the night!

I am very proud of my Carmen Miranda costume and would love an opportunity to wear it again!

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  1. I agree that making a Carmen Miranda hat is a feat of engineering, one that has me completely at a loss.(I gave up after 3 failures.) Yours is fantabulous! I would love to hear how you made it. TIA!


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