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Coolest Carmen Miranda DIY Costume

I had been wanting to go as Carmen Miranda for the last couple of years, but had not found the perfect dress; finally, I found it! It was a size or so small, so I bought about three yards of ribbon and a skein of embroidery thread. I sewed along either side of the zipper with secure stitches the width of my ribbon, and then laced the back like a corset, with the ribbon close together so that there were no gaps and you could not see my back, only ribbon weaving.

I had these shoes already, and found an old vintage hat for 5 dollars at a thrift store, along with all of the fruit. I sewed a flowery scarf all around the hat, and took florist’s wire;

I took each fruit piece, along with an electric drill, and drilled holes where I wanted to connect the fruits to one another. I wired the fruits to the hat and to each other, and then I went back and secured with more wire and drilled to secure fruits together. The hat took me about a couple of hours, and sewing the back of the dress took about an hour. Added jewelry, and the right makeup, and it was perfect!

If you make this Carmen Miranda Costume, make sure that the hat fits you well.

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