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Coolest Homemade Candy Princess Costume

My daughter and I were trying to think of a cool costume idea that no one else had done… she loves candy and she is a true princess so we decided to put the two together.

I bought a summer dress, a few bags of dollar tree candy,and a tiara and let the creative juices flow…

We unwrapped most of the candy and put it in a Ziploc (all of the candy in wrappers would have been way too heavy for her). I used a hot glue gun and glued wrappers all over the dress and then randomly added some of the lighter candies still in the pack.

I took the tiara and created a cute design of candy and hot glues it on. It was a very simple costume although applying all of those wrappers did take a very long time!!

It was worth it as she won the school costume contest for the 2nd yr in a row (she was a peacock the first year).

Thanks for checking my idea, I look forward to seeing many more ideas online as well!

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