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Coolest Candy Princess Costume

My 3 year old daughter decided she wanted to be a Candy Princess. I had no clue how to make a Homemade Candy Princess Costume and I figured she would, as most 3 year olds do, change her mind.

As Halloween approached she was still sure that’s what she wanted to be. This is how we turned her idea into an Awesome Candy Princess. To help save time and money I decided to “upcycle” some old dress up things we had.

Candy bag Skirt:
I used a pearlized Lamé to create a bubble skirt I left both ends open for stuffing. I added pom poms to simulate gumballs and light pink tulle to mimic cotton candy and help add shape. To prevent the skirt from looking like it was full of trash we stuffed the candy wrappers and glued them to the tulle and inside of the skirt.

Candy button Belt:
I laid out white ribbon and used puff paint to recreate a candy button design.

I matched up and glued candy wrappers each side. I trimmed it using thick red yarn “red vines”. All remaining silver parts I puff painted on sprinkles. The center of the dress had a heart on it so I colored a lollipop design on it and glued a lollipop stick and ribbon on it.

We had a light up princess crown so I glued some stuffed small candies, curling ribbon, and made some fake candy out of foam and wrapped it in pearlized cellophane and foil.

I made a peppermint candy out of foam and wrapped it in cellophane glued it onto a big white bow then placed that onto some beat up pink sparkle shoes that we already had.

Lollipop wand:
The glowing heart wand was purchased from the dollar tree; I wrapped it in pearlized cellophane and tied it with curling ribbon. I found some candy sparkle tattoos that we put on her face.

Everyone we passed complimented her on her costume and most importantly she absolutely loved it.

Homemade Candy Princess Costume

Homemade Candy Princess Costume

Homemade Candy Princess Costume

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