I didn’t know what I was getting into when I said I would make my daughter’s poison ivy costume! I wanted it to be realistic and unique and since we have a new addition, of course, my son had to be baby Joker.  I’m not the best seamstress soI usually just put pieces together, but finding things for this costume was a challenge.

The gloves and boots are made out of a faux leather, spray-painted with glitter paint. The ivy is christmas flower picks I cut and glued on her eyebrows with some kind of skin adhesive I got in the Halloween section. The hair was the most work. I dyed some clip-in hair bright red and used spray in haircolor for the rest of her hair. I made the cones with cardboard and glued the leftover hair pieces around them.

Then I attached them to a headband. My son’s costume was pretty easy. Its just a little suit with some ribbon I got at a craft store. Putting the costume on was the hardest. I had to chase him around the yard to spray his hair green and my daughter had to hold him down so I could paint his face.

I got lots of complements but my son got the most. He looked more like a disturbing miniature clown than the Joker!  And all the hours of hard labor I spent on the poison ivy costume, fell apart by the end of the night. Oh well, I thought the costumes came out great and I’ll keep working on perfecting my costume-making skills.