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Coolest Blue And Jewel Macaw Costumes from Rio

With the popularity of the movie Rio and how much every little one I know LOVES this movie and it’s characters, I decided to take my own “stab” at recreating them.

Here are my versions of Blue And Jewel Macaw Costumes from Rio!!

These costumes are great for the little kids out there. They are warm, soft, and SO comfortable! They are made of the best fleece fabrics so they won’t pill over time.

I started off making the bodysuits out of fleece. They open up the back with velcro. The heads are securely made and close with velcro. There’s even elastic in them to keep them securely on.

Each one of these costumes take a long time to make. There are so many parts. I almost threw in the towel a few times, lol.

Each bird face is different and uses different colors of felt that are appliqued. I watched the movie and reviewed stills to get them as close as possible. I made the beaks out of black felt. They are fully lined. I cut individual feathers for the tufts on the top of their heads. Jewel and Blue have very different shaped feathers. I even added some pretty star gazer lilies to Jewels head as a finishing touch.

I cut their tails out, piece by piece. Yes, it takes a lot of time, but it pays off. The tails are securely sewn to the behind of the costume.

Then, the most time consuming part, the wings. As you can see, the wings are made of LOTS of individual feathers. Blue and Jewel have very different shaped and colored feathers. I hand cut each row, place them out and then secured them.

Once they look perfect I begin the attachment process. It’s not easy at all to attach them. They are big and trying to fit them in and sew it inside out is hard. Plus you have to try to keep them all from folding over or moving out of place. I broke MANY MANY needles on my machine doing this. They are so thick.

After lots and lots of felt and fleece, voila!

In the end, the kids love them and will play dress up for months in their Blue And Jewel Macaw Costumes from Rio. I hope you like them.

Coolest Blue And Jewel Macaw Costumes from Rio 3

Coolest Blue And Jewel Macaw Costumes from Rio 3

Coolest Blue And Jewel Macaw Costumes from Rio 3

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7 thoughts on “Coolest Blue And Jewel Macaw Costumes from Rio”

  1. I wish I could duplicate what you did. My granddaughter Kate sent me this last night. I don’t sew and am not crafty. Any ideas she is crazy about your costumes.

  2. Hi there. I’m totally in love with the jewel costume. Are you selling them? Would love to get one for my 3 yr old daughter for Halloween

  3. Do you have any patterns. My daughter say this and wants to be Jewels this year. Is there anyway you can guide to through it?


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