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Coolest Jewel from Rio Bird Costume

This year, my daughter wanted to be Jewel, the girl blue macaw from the movie “Rio.” I love making my kids’ Halloween costumes, so I was definitely up for the challenge!

To make Jewel’s head, I used a pattern that I had from my daughter’s costume last year, when she was a pink flamingo (she loves birds). I modified the hood to make it look like Jewel. The parrot beak that came with the pattern was much too large for my daughter and it obstructed her view, so, I modified it by making it smaller and changing its shape. I also placed the beak much higher on the hood than the pattern called for.

I made Jewel’s eyes from felt pieces. I used a picture of Jewel from one of my daughter’s “Rio” books and made a pattern for each felt piece to make the eyes look exactly like Jewel’s. Then I added feathers to the top of Jewel’s head using both felt feathers and real feathers. To complete the look, I made a pink flower out of felt and attached it to the side of the head.

The body for Jewel was made using a combination of felt, a sweatshirt, and tulle for her skirt. I wanted to make the wings look as close as possible to actual macaw wings, so I used a picture of Jewel with her wings spread and cut varying sizes of feathers from felt: small, medium, large and extra large for the tail feathers.

I arranged the feathers on the sweatshirt and glued them into place with fabric glue. I sewed a simple skirt using tulle and elastic. Then I arranged varying sizes of felt feathers on the skirt and attached them to the skirt by hand-sewing and gluing them into place.

To complete the look, she wore black leggings, black socks and black shoes. She absolutely loved her Jewel from Rio Bird Costume and received many compliments!

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6 thoughts on “Coolest Jewel from Rio Bird Costume”

  1. u did a very nice job my daughter is two years old and is dying to be jewel but i cant find it anywhere…is there any way u can make her one

  2. Your Jewel costume is fantastic and I’m trying to make one of my own. I’m having trouble getting the head right and can’t seem to find any help online. can you please give more detail on how you assembled it? Any help would be appreciated!

  3. I would love it if you could make this costume for my daughter. We have looked at several websites and she loves your costume the best. Is that something you would consider? If so how much do you charge? lorikay9[at]gmail[dot]com


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