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Coolest Rio Birds Group Costume

My Nieces and nephews wanted to be the birds from the movie Rio this year. In the movie, the main characters dress up as Macaws for a carnival in Brazil. I had 3 boys and two girls to make the Rio Birds Group Costume for. Instead of making them all blue, I decided to make the two girls yellow Macaws.

The first step was to find feathers… lots of feathers. I found that they are really expensive to buy by the bag so I ended up buying feather dusters from Wal-Mart for a dollar a piece! I used approx. 5 per costume for the girls and 3 or 4 for each of the boys.

The most time consuming part of the process was head pieces. I purchased army (dress up) helmets to create them. The beak is two pieces of thin cardboard (cereal box) cut to the shape of a beak and spray painted glossy black. The eyes are made from foam balls cut in half. I sprayed the helmets with spray adhesive and covered them with glitter. After a few coats, I attached the eyes (also made to look like eyes with glitter).

Because the eyes were not flush against the helmet I filled in the spaces with batting and covered it with glue and then glitter. I used hot glue to attach the feathers to the back of the head and then used Elmer’s glue to cover the top of the feathers with more glitter!! The girl bird’s eyes were outlined in black glitter and I added eyelashes!!

The wings are cardboard cut to the shape of the wings and the size of each child. To cover the wings I used hot glue and started to layer the feathers at the top of the wings. The boys have glitter foam around their forearms and the wings attach to this with Velcro. The boys also have tail feathers that I made using the sparkly ribbon used for the top of their boots.

Each child also had an old pair of boots/ or shoes that I either covered in duct tape and trimmed with blue sparkly ribbon or covered in glitter using spray adhesive. In the movie the characters wear very little clothing but being that we are in Utah and Halloween is quite cold, the boys wore white shirts and cut off blue sweats. The girls wore yellow shirts and yellow/gold tutus.

Their Rio Birds Group Costume was a hit and everyone knew exactly who they were!

Coolest Rio Birds Group Costume 2

Coolest Rio Birds Group Costume 2

Coolest Rio Birds Group Costume 2

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