Coolest Big Bird Costume

We saw a Big Bird costume for sale in a store and liked the idea, but I was confident that I could create a way better version!

For the body: We looked all through the mall for a yellow dress to no avail, so we purchased yellow material, a dress pattern that we deemed bird-like (big sleeves and a wide bottom), and a yellow feather boa.

For the legs: We couldn’t find orange leggins so close to Halloween, so we bought a pair of white ones and dyed them orange. We purchased several pink leis, then cut (careful – they unravel) and hand sewed them (fabric glue didn’t do the trick) onto the leggins in rows.

For the feet: We couldn’t find orange shoes anywhere either, so we ended up just buying a pair of fuzzy pink slippers (I thought about dying them orange, but was afraid that the color wouldn’t turn out right).

For the head: To create the appearance of a bigger head, we pulled the hair into a high ponytail around a half ball of florist foam. We then proceeded to stick yellow feathers into it the foam, and bobby-pin feathers to the rest of the hair.

For the face: We kept it simple by applying fake blue eyelashes, pink eye make-up, and yellow lipstick!

Homemade Big Bird Costume

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