Coolest Bathtub Costume

A fun, homemade bubble bath costume! It’s a unique and creative idea that will surely surprise all your friends!! My costume was made from scratch and barely cost me anything. I decided to go with pillow fluff for a more sudsy look.

First I got a cardboard box and I covered it with tape and spray painted it white then I began to hot glue gun the pillow fluff onto the box and I used a strapless white top and glued the pillow fluff onto the top.

I made the shower from a piece of wood I had laying around and a hanger wire and a tin bowl my grandfather had for the shower head. The rest is up to you! You can put little duckies (which I bought for 50cents each) on your tub or even put a bar of soap. To make it look even more realistic you can even wet your hair or put it up in shower cap or a towel wrap.

I got so many compliments on this costume and everyone loved it, not only can it be sexy but it can also be appropriate for a family party!

Enjoy and Happy Halloween!

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