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Coolest Baby Carseat Angel Costume

My toddler got invited to a few tot-size Halloween parties, and I couldn’t leave the baby (2 months old) at home. Halloween creeped up on me quickly, though, with a newborn at home and I just couldn’t get out to get him a costume – and there was no real time to sew him a bunting. I wasn’t sure my collicky baby was going to be happy in an itchy costume anyhow. At the last minute I dug through the dressup trunk and pulled this carseat angel costume together.

The idea is to dress up the carseat rather than the baby – then there’d be no complaints. I dressed him in a white onesie and white socks. Before strapping him in, I spread out a cheap nylon pair of wings across the carseat, making sure the straps still functioned.

After he was seated a took the halo, bent the headpiece a bit and stuffed it in behind his headrest. I thought he looked adorable, he wasn’t uncomfortable at all, and everyone loved him. (I maybe should have added a sign saying “I’m a boy” though.)

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3 thoughts on “Coolest Baby Carseat Angel Costume”

  1. This is a FABULOUS idea!!! Dressing up the car seat INSTEAD of the little one is SO smart!! Tiny babes get uncomfortable FAST, (I SHOULD KNOW, I’ve had three) and they usually sleep in their car seat anyway when they are that young… when everyone’s done passing them around and cooing over them that is! So taking pictures of them is easy and so is changing that dirty diaper when it’s time! Beautiful job and might I add very ‘HANDSOME’ baby as well!

  2. He looks great. And he totally looks like a boy! PPL must have been stereotyping angels as only girls… whatever! Great job keeping him comfy and cute!

  3. thats just amazing how you came up with this idea so fast. My daughter is 5 months and I no Halloween is far away from now but I’m exited. You don’t have to worry about your baby, he looks like a boy anyhow. Hope you come up with a good idea for next year. Peace,love,and hilltop Texas.


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