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Coolest Aquarium Scuba Diver Costume

How I Made My Aquarium/Scuba Diver Costume:

I got the idea from this website and added my own touches. This is a 2-part costume – a scuba diver inside an aquarium. This was very involved and time consuming, but I enjoyed every minute of it! As you can see my bad kitty had to be part of the process! He is too funny!

* Big box
* Clear transparent material (cellophane)
* Cardboard and plastic fish
* Aqua colored thread
* Black electrical cord cover (hose)
* Safety goggles
* Craft foam
* Black duct tape
* Yellow electrical tape
* Hot glue gun
* Aquarium gravel and plants
* Dollar store items i.e. strands of beads, mermaid doll, stickers, silk plants, plastic coins, and fish
* (2) Pacifiers
* (4) 2-liter pop bottles
* (4) battery-operated tap lights
* Wire hanger
* Stuffed animal fish purchased at thrift store
* Silver spray paint
* Safety pins

I found a big box, cut the sides and top out leaving a border/frame. Then I cut a hole in the bottom big enough to fit over my head. I covered the border with black duct tape. I painted the inside back of the box aqua and hot glued gravel to the bottom. Next, I bought a roll of clear cellophane and cut clear squares slightly bigger than the holes in the box and taped them into the inside behind the edges.

The fish were cardboard that I purchased at the dollar store. I hung them with aqua thread from the top so they looked like they were swimming. I attached tap lights to the inside top of box to illuminate the aquarium. Some of the plants are silk from the dollar store and some are actually aquarium plants. I had a treasure chest from a pirate’s costume and glued that in and added plastic coins and beads.

I made the flippers out of black craft foam and glued them to the tops of old black shoes (real flippers would have been too difficult to walk in). I made the snorkel and respirator out of black hosing and yellow pacifiers. I used a wire hanger to shape the snorkel.

I then made scuba tanks using (4) 2-liter pop bottles and glued them together. I spray painted them silver and embellished them with black and yellow tape. I wore black sweat pants and a black hoodie. I also made a diver’s weight belt using an old fanny pack gluing yellow craft foam squares to it. I then pinned thrift store stuffed animal to the pants, wore safety goggles and there you have it! I had so much fun and people were taking my picture all night long.

Coolest Aquarium Scuba Diver Costume 9

Coolest Aquarium Scuba Diver Costume 9

Coolest Aquarium Scuba Diver Costume 9

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