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Coolest Ace Frehley Costume

I have been a faithful member of the KISS Army since 1976, when my older brother brought home the Destroyer album. I’ve always wanted to make a KISS outfit for Halloween but was hung up on the hardest part. The boots! They are either too pricey or labor intensive. This year I decided to give it an honest effort and had a blast making it. The base “jumpsuit” is actually Starter brand compression pants and shirt. I’m a runner so I had some spares I could sacrifice. They sell for about $12 each at Wal-Mart. I got the sequins at Wally World too, they are way cheaper than Joanne Fabrics or the Craft Store. I did buy permanent fabric glue at the craft store and I spent around $15 on silver fabric at Joanne’s (but I bought extra just in case).

I cut out the lightning bolts and glued them on to the shirt & pants then sealed the edges with silver glitter glue. The sequins took some time because I laid out the comet designs before I glued them and I had to wait for the front to dry before I did the back.

As for the boots, I’m kinda proud of my solution for that problem. Frankenstein boots from Amazon.com for $35! I’ve seen authentic boots that are really expensive and if you try to buy platform boots to alter, the cheapest I found were $75. I spray painted them silver. The hardest part for me was the boot covers. I’m not a seamstress and don’t own a sewing machine so I did them by hand, stuffed them with poly-fill and fastened them together with Velcro.

I had planned on doing the Saturn rings the same way but it would have taken me FOREVER and I’m not talented enough to figure out how to sew them to the shirt. I cut 4 circles out of craft foam. Covered them in fabric and then glued them together back to back to hide the unfinished sides. I sealed the seam with glitter glue. Drew the rings with a Sharpie. A short strip of Velcro on the top fastens them to my shoulders. Originally I went all the way around my arm but it caused my shirt to wrinkle and look funny. If you can handle a sewing machine you can probably knock this out in a few hours.

I paid $15 for the official SPACE ACE wig because I couldn’t find anything else and make up is cheap. I recommend grease make up for the white. The cream stuff streaks. All tolled I’ve got about $75 invested which is about what it costs to buy an adult costume. It seems like it took me forever from start to finish but I did it a little at a time, plus I could only go so far then I had to quit and wait for the glue to dry. There is no reason you couldn’t make it over a couple of weekends.

My party is this weekend and I plan on wearing it to hand out candy. I’m hoping for some good reactions!

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