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Coolest ABBA Costume

This ABBA costume was so easy to make. I bought 2 oversize white t-shirts, a few bottles of puff paint, blue fringe, 1/2 yard blue fabric, and 4 roles white duck tape.

I took the white shirts and made them into tasteful mini dresses, slit the side making sure it didn’t show too much. I then measured to see where the waist would fall on both me and my friend.

From there I copied a design from and original ABBA costume and penciled it on the shirts. I used the three different puff paints to make the design. I cut the blue fabric into strips for belts.

The white boots where just simple black boots that we got for $3 each at a goodwill and covered them in white duck tape. I hot glued on the fringe to the shirts and the boots.

We got a blond wig for the other ABBA girl (not pictured), I curled my hair and had ABBA blaring out of a boom box we carried around with us all night!

Total cost $25

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  1. I love ABBA and that would be such a cute costume idea for me and my friend! Looks very good on the picture. I can’t believe its homemade!


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