Coolest ABBA Costume

Homemade ABBA Costume

This ABBA costume was so easy to make. I bought 2 oversize white t-shirts, a few bottles of puff paint, blue fringe, 1/2 yard blue fabric, and 4 roles white duck tape. I took the white shirts and made them into tasteful mini dresses, slit the side making sure it didn’t show too much. I … Read more

Coolest Peter Pan And Wendy Costume

Peter Pan and Wendy Costume

Wendy was Peters love interest! For Wendy I got a long nightgown and curled my hair. Peter was a green shirt, green pants, fake plastic leaves sewn all over the costume, green tights,a wooden sword, a piece of rope for a belt and lots of spray glitter! I chapped up the edges of Peters costume … Read more

Coolest Homemade Jack and Jill Fell Down a Hill Costume

Homemade Jack and Jill Fell Down a Hill Costume

Jack and Jill are always cute! Not this time. They really fell down a hill! Jill: Dress and white top bought from thrift store, then cut and shredded and rubbed in dirt. Blond wig was bought at a dollar store didn’t need to be perfect! Jack was “impaled” so I got a bucket cut in … Read more