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Cool Wordplay Costume: Do the Harlem Shake!

I’m a Halloween nut. Last year I spent weeks sewing a Honey Boo Boo pageant dress and, despite much protest on my part, ended up wearing it to work and winning a prize! After years of stressful Octobers with a lack of sleep crafting costumes for myself and friends, preparing for parties, and decorating the house for trick-or-treaters, I decided that Halloween 2013 would be spent relaxing and enjoying the fall Halloween-free. Until two days before my friend’s Halloween party (which I’d decided to skip in lieu of some rest), when I was browsing costume ideas online (old habits die hard) and saw one for a milkshake, and had a revelation… The Harlem Shake!  It was perfect- it’s been months since it was a YouTube phenomenon so (unlike Miley/wreaking ball) others wouldn’t think of it, but still recent enough to hopefully get some giggles.  Hours of online searches didn’t come up with much in the way of milkshake costumes to pull ideas from, so I’d need to go this one alone…

I quickly began sketching ideas, making lists, and hitting up stores to get all my supplies. The materials were pretty simple, (felt, “for sale” signs from the Dollar store, panty hose, cotton stuffing) but I knew it would be a challenge to make a 3D costume that was wearable. I found the key was to make the top as sturdy as possible, with the body of the shake flexible so it can be pulled on and off.  After 2 all-nighters sewing, gluing, and stuffing in order to perfect the look, I remembered why I decided to take a year off from Halloween (to the shock of all my friends and family)!  I couldn’t wait to finish the last stitch so I could crash for a nap before the main event.

It was all worth it however when I made my grand entrance down the stairs at a friend’s party to the bass of “The Harlem Shake!” my milkshake booty wiggling, and high tops kicking in the air. Everyone at the party had fun taking turns sipping out of the giant straw, and dancing to “Milkshake” with me.  Can’t wait to show this baby off Halloween night!

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