My son loves tractors! So it would only make sense to make his costume one! We gathered some moving boxes up and painted cut and drew what we could on them to form the shape of the tractor. The wheels were made from cardboard and egg cartons and later painted to resemble a wheel. Lots of glue and paint later we added more details.

The headlights, brake lights and even the hitch are made 2D. The grill is made out of screen from an old screen door. Even the smoke stack is a paper towel roll. Simple materials but hours and hours went into this tractor costume. My husband worked side by side with me and helped complete it. Our final night on it we already worked on it 8 hours that day. And of course the final touches we added straps in the cab to help him hold it up easily. We have not been trick or treating just yet but our social media friends love it!

It was a blast to work on it and see him so proud. The hardiest part was the small details and making sure it wasnt too big for his body or too small. The easiest part was helping him put it on. Yes it takes 2 people on each side to hold it up while he crawls inside. Dont want to break it after all that hard work.