Coolest John Deere Tractor Halloween Costrume

My two year old son loves John Deere tractors so I thought I would dress him in a John Deere tractor Halloween costume. My husband and I designed a tractor that amazed my son. It was made out of two cardboard boxes. It consisted of a real steering wheel from an old play jeep that was being thrown out. We bought stick on lights that we used as working headlights, a paper towel roll for the smoke pipe, John Deere stickers from a John Deere coloring book for the lettering, reflectors tape for slow moving vehicle emblem.
My son wore a John Deere hat, a John Deere handkerchief, yellow w/green tractors, yellow/green flannel shirt, overalls, work boots, suspenders to hold the tractor over my son’s shoulders and a John Deere gift bag for his treat.

This was a costume that had a lot of time involved. It was inexpensive and a joy to make. My friends and family could not believe how real it looked. My son is still able to play with it

Tractor Costume

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