Well, this costume was created because we could not find a tractor costume anywhere ! We had no choice but to make it ourselves. I used a diaper box and painted it, attached straps that were adjustable. We used push on lights from the dollar store that were great while trick or treating in the dark. A paper towel roll was the smoke stack and we added the wheels from oaktag and glued on nuts to those. The grille was a piece of aluminum foil with black marker stripes. On the back was a license plate with his name and state to personalize it! My son kept the candy right inside the tractor in his pail.

We did not personally enter a contest, but I made a few of these for people that saw him, and they actually WON FIRST PRIZE!!All in all I think it costed only $3.00 to make . If I had to make it again, I don’t think I would paint it, I would cover it with green poster board.