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Cool Russell From UP Halloween Costume for 3 Year Old Boy

My son wanted to be his favorite wildness explorer, Russell from UP.

I started out with the general part of the outfit, khaki shorts, olive cuffed socks, hiking boots and a yellow shirt. Added a belt and set to work on the W/E flad, patches and accessories to complete the costume.

The hardest part was the patches, I could not find a list of the patches or zoom in close enough to see what each patch was. I ended up pausing the movie and writing down what each looked like and going from that. I didn’t have much time to dedicate to the patches as I was working and taking care of my kids, so I used felt and markers and a top coat sealing spray. Looking back this was a terrible idea, I would use felt next time and stay up til all ends of the night(s). I say this due to the fact that the sealing spray didn’t work, the patches smudged and rubbed off onto the shirt. He only wore it twice, so It wasn’t a huge deal, but if you want a lasting result, I would sew them onto the sash.

For the sash you could buy, or just purchase a small amount of fabric and make one, same with the neckerchief. To make the flag, I used a smaller dowel rod, orange felt and a piece of cardstock to make the Wilderness Explorer emblem. I cut the inside of the emblem out using an exacto knife and then positioned it over the flag and spray painted it. The final touch was the grape bottle cap, cause if you’ve seen the movie, you know any little Russell needs that! I had a computer savvy friend make me the image and I printed I went to the craft store and turned it into a button.

I do wish I had attached more balloons, but it got cooler and they didn’t even stay inflated, so it probably would have been a waste anyway!

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