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Cool Minecraft Costume – Stampy Comes Alive!

This Minecraft costume was last year’s success. My granddaughter Alana loves the game Mindcraft and asked if I could make her a Stampy costume for Halloween. Always up for a challenge we started saving cardboard boxes, construction paper, tape and glue in July. I started assembly in August!

Since the character is pixelated in the game I had to cut out hundreds of squares in orange, grey, white and beige construction paper! (A local school teacher donated the paper from her classroom after the student’s used the pieces as table mats for a craft project- Shew!) We formed cracker boxes into the jointed arms and legs and invented a suspenders rig to keep the main part of the chest in place on her shoulders.

It took well over 60 hours to place and glue every square and highlight it in sharpie. I had to invent a hidden hat structure to hold the head in place that attached to her with straps under her chin. The face has screening in the front and sides – painted with Stampy’s features from the outside but completely see through from her inside position. She had no problems seeing or breathing and had full freedom of motion so she was not clastrophobic!

I fashioned her candy bucket into Stampy’s cake and she carried a cut and painted foam sword like the character. After about 10 minutes of practice Alana had every nuance of the character under control and stayed in character the whole night at the Halloween block party. She couldn’t move very fast because people where constantly stopping her and asking for photographs. She dubbed these people her ‘paparazzi’ and loved every minute of the attention. Sadly her companion trick or treater for the night was losing her patience with all of the attention being focused on Alana. All was forgiven once the Minecraft costume came off :-)

Cool Minecraft Costume - Stampy Comes Alive!

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