My boyfriend and I fell in love with the HBO show Game of Thrones based off the A Song of Ice and Fire books, so once Halloween rolled around we wanted to take our love to the next level and BE the characters. Although he is not wearing a wig, he is supposed to be Jon Snow. And at both parties we went to people who have seen the show guessed who he was right off the bat!

His sword is made from scratch, plywood, glue, leather, and some paint. and the sheath is made out of cardboard and fabric.

I am Ghost, Jon Snow’s faithful Dire Wolf. My costume is hand sewn, made from silver fabric and white fur (which was very hard to work with!) The hood, gloves and leg warmers took the longest to make, while the corset and skirt were more aggravating. Werewolf teeth and face paint were added to complete the “wolf look”. The costume was a big hit, especially with women who all wanted me to make them one of their own! (And still ask, to this day)