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Cool Jackbot and Bride of Pinbot Costume

Straight from the Pinball Pinbot Series, these Jackbot and Bride of Pinbot costumes were an adventure. This was our first attempt at using EVA foam and we weren’t quite sure how it was going to come out. We made many mistakes and learned a lot along the way, but all in all, we were happy with the costumes.

Making the Bride of Pinbot Costume

I made a generic suit with silver fabric and a zipper closer in the back. We attempted to sculpt the EVA foam first with Exact-o knives, then figured out that the scroll saw and belt sander was a better way to go. We covered the EVA foam with fabric. I assumed that I would be able to glue these pieces to the suit. They fell right off. I then had to sew the pieces on by hand. However, since I applied several coats of glue this was no easy task. The helmet is also EVA foam covered with fabric.

Creating the Jackbot Costume

I made another generic suit with a zipper closer. Again, we sculpted EVA foam and covered some with fabric and other pieces we painted. On YouTube we found better ideas on attaching foam to a costume. We decided on Velcro and we chose the dot Velcro. BUT, this was not the way to go. The sticky part of the Velcro did not want to stick to the silver fabric. The helmet is a costume helmet we picked up at the local thrift store. My husband cut, painted and added foam to the helmet to modify it so it looked like Jackbot’s.

Of course, no one outside our immediate family knew who they were supposed to be, so we did a lot of explaining. We continued to get the same question, “Where did you get a costume like that?” With great pride, we got to say, “We made it!”


Cool Jackbot and Bride of Pinbot Costume

Cool Jackbot and Bride of Pinbot Costume

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