I always thought it would be fun to dress up as Heath Ledgers Joker. This year, I figured enough time has passed, that not everyone was doing it!

I went to a few thrift stores to find what I needed. The purple coat was $5, vest, shirt, grey blazer, and purple shoes were around $13. The shoes were mens size 11. About 2 sizes too big but I made them work. They were just too cool to pass up. The gloves came in a 2 pack from walmart for $1.50. I wore my own black pants and an old tie I had from another project.

The shirt started as plain blue, I drew hexagons all over it. The vest started out as a white, short sleeve, collared shirt which I cut down and dyed to make into a vest.

The makeup was white and black clown make up and red lipstick. I sprayed my hair green but when it dried, you couldn’t see it!

Total cost including face paint and hair spray- $25 Not bad considering I wore it 3 times!

My favorite response was from a younger boy, he said, “OH, WOW! That’s the best Joker I’ve seen. Looks so much like the real Joker! That’s so cool!”