My boys (2 and 4 at the time) are the ultimate Spongebob fans, especially my oldest – Austin. He desperately wanted to be Spongebob for Halloween, so like any working mom, I took to the internet. A million searches later I couldn’t find any pre-made Spongebob costumes for sale (ugh!) so I decided to try and make one on my own – how hard could it be?

My first task was finding a big square to work on and my little ones diaper box worked perfectly. We cut arm and head holes out and then I thought about gluing sponges to it, until a friend of mind was going to trash an egg crate mattress pad – perfect! I glued it to the box and spray painted ( MULTIPLE, MULTIPLE times, turns out that spongy material just sucks up paint – who knew) ) it yellow.

I then created his clothes with large pieces of felt that I stapled on, as if I was upholstering something. The final touch was his nose that was (after much searching) made out of a giant yellow crayon eraser that I shaved into a smooth round tip.  Always wanting to coordinate the kiddo’s I decided to have my little one by Gary and enlisted the help of my mother in law to sew a throw pillow onto the back of a blue sweatsuit; his eyes were giant puff balls that I glued to a coil and then to a headband.

All my hard work paid off and they were the talk of Halloween night. They even won first place in a couple of contests. Hope their good luck (and my hard work) continue here.