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Cool Homemade Rugrats Costume

I am Brazilian,  and I really wanted something not so common here.  Because when we have carnival (we don’t have Halloween here), we only see tons of Snow Whites, Alice’s, princess and etc. So I decided to choose a character that I really really love, and I decided to dress up as Angélica from Rugrats.

I went to the city center here, and I bought everything I needed. I bought the tissue for the dress, the blue stocking, even the doll to become Cynthia.. hahaha. Everything was really homemade and I really liked the result. My cousin helped me with the details,  and a friend of my mom sewed the dress. I chose not long sleeves because here it is very hot,  but you can do like the character and choose a long sleeved shirt..

Yesterday,  I went to a really big costume party. Some people recognized me and it was really fun.  They wanted to touch the doll and I took pics for the official event. So I hope you have enjoyed and maybe you can use it to make your own version of Angélica.

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