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Cool Homemade Guardians of the Universe Costume

This costume is a Cosmic being from the Green Lantern. I fashioned it from the 1960’s version in the comic books. It was very easy to make and not very expensive.

I picked up the robe at the Used clothing store for a couple of dollars. I had to make some modifications such as adding a collar and white sleeves. The Green Lantern symbol is made from felt. The white covering I had to make a pattern out of newspaper and sew it. It only takes a short time to cut out 2 sides and sew. The wig I already had. The  gloves I made to match the face paint to protect the white from being touched with blue hands. I made a couple boot covers and I was finished. All said maybe under $20.

The biggest mistake was not adding a pocket to the inside or making a way to reach my shorts pocket.

It was very popular. This character is not common at the Comic Cons. So I had my picture taken a lot of times.

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