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Cool Homemade Elsa (Frozen) from Ralph Breaks The Internet Costume

I tend to brainstorm ideas for Halloween costumes or possibly a potential costume I could wear to a convention (if one ever came to my neck of the woods) during the summertime (possibly in June or July, mostly after my birthday). I make a list on my computer, since due to my hand tremor, I cannot handwrite the ideas on paper for a Halloween/convention costume. On the many lists I’ve written were countless video game characters (Wario, a Sim (simply wearing a homemade plumbob made out of card stock that’s attached to a chenille stick on a headband), Dr. Eggman, Tom Nook, Isabelle, Animal Crossing Villager, Andy Bogard…the list could be endless), pop culture (Doctor Who (possibly being the Thirteenth Doctor), Julia from Sesame Street (because I have autism just like her), a maneki neko, etc.). Something told me I was probably going to either be Tom Nook or Isabelle from Animal Crossing…

But when my tradition of being a video game character every Halloween was just going to be a bore, I HAD to break that tradition every so often. So months ago while yakking with my net friend, she told me one of her friends LOVES the Disney movie Wreck-It Ralph as much as I do. Her friend (whose name I’m not going to mention for safety/personal reasons) dressed as Princess Anna from the 2013 film Frozen in her “Finish Each Others” casual outfit that she wore in the 2018 film Ralph Breaks The Internet (the sequel to Wreck-It Ralph).

For those who’ve never seen Ralph Breaks The Internet, there’s a scene late in the film where Vanellope VonSchweetz meets the Disney princesses, and at first they’re in their formal dresses. The Disney Princesses are then seen wearing casual outfits, and when I saw my net friend’s “casual Anna” cosplay, the famous words of Gru from Despicable Me rang out in my mind: LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT BUUUUUUUUUUUULB…

So it was decided that I would be casual Elsa from Ralph Breaks The Internet for Halloween. Like I said before, I tend to plan my costumes ahead of time, especially if sewing is a must (as I can’t sew to save my life, not even with a sewing machine). Thankfully, I tend to DIY my Halloween costumes to reduce stress if possible. Besides, trying to make my own version of Elsa’s ice queen dress from Frozen would be a pain in the booty to make, and would take AGES to make!

It first started with a light blue shirt I got off Amazon (well, my mom actually got it for me – she’s in charge of taking my orders, pun intended). Next up were some large white iron-on letters (ordered off Amazon as well) for the “JUST LET IT GO”. They just looked perfect for my shirt.

Sometime in late May – early June, I got started on working on the shirt. I was ironing on the letters for the “JUST LET IT GO” decal on my shirt. However, I ran into a small problem – as a lot of you folks may know, iron-on letters of all kinds only come with two or three of each letter, and I was dumb enough NOT to know that I only got two Ts in the set. AAAAAUGH! So I planned a plan B after getting settled into my new apartment. I made a stencil of the T after finishing the “GO” on the shirt by using tracing paper over the T in “LET”. I then cut the T out and traced it out on card stock and PRESTO! I made a stencil of the T. Thanks to some white fabric paint I had at my parents’ house (since I am a woman whose into arts and crafts), I filled in the T stencil in “IT” with the white fabric paint. Problem solved! Heck, during the time I was painting the T in “IT”, I was near my new air conditioner, but hey, THE COLD NEVER BOTHERED ME ANYWAY!

To top off the costume, I got an official Elsa wig (ordered from – where else? – Amazon!), some black pants that were like capris, and some black Sketchers shoes (I tried to get some black slip ons, but they were out of season – BUMMER!) over my white socks. The props I had with my costume was a coffee cup (like the ones McDonalds serves their coffee) and my Vanellope VonSchweetz plushie I got in 2012.

All throughout Halloween, I ventured out to a convenience store to buy “treats” (no, I wasn’t trick or treating – I’m 36 years old for crying out loud!) while belting out “Let It Go” from Frozen, even if it was irking other customers at the store. I later gave out York peppermint patties to my neighbors at my apartment (GET THE SENSATION!) because Elsa has ice powers, and I imagined the real Elsa giving out peppermint-y treats in keeping with her icy (pun intended) nature.

Be nice to each other, and in a stressful situation, LET IT GO!


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